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Zuzumi means no flash, no big sell, no extravagant promises, no vast overheads
to feed.

Just access to long, top-level experience in business building through effective communications direct from the principals.

Backed by award winning work for major local and global brands

ZUZUMI - what will it mean to you?

Zuzumi grows companies everyday by providing integrated design and marketing solutions.

We have grown to become a leader in providing intelligent, responsible and innovative solutions for small and large business’s in the industry.

Zuzumi was born through a passion of growing our clients business’s through integrated strategy, design and technology.

Our award winning talents are drawn from all corners of the globe to deliver a skilled, flexible, experienced and integrated body of talent.

Our clients are drawn from a wide range of industries and they include small startups to large publicly listed companies, based nationally and internationally.

Our ability to develop strong relationships with our clients, understand their business and share our experiences for mutual benefit fuels our passion for their success.

Zuzumi clients and the success of their businesses benefit from many considerable years of integrated management experience.

Rebranding of the classic American Munro Shoes in preparation for a pan European launch